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A general consulting firm based in Los Angeles, USA.

A bridge beyond the world
10:00~17:00 (Mon〜Fri)
Hideki Mamiya

Nice to meet you, I'm a CEO, Mamiya.Thank you so much for your interest in VEYOND Inc. this time. First, as our mission, we established VEYOND Inc. to achieve our purpose of becoming a bridge between Japan and the United States. In this world where all kinds of businesses exist, ideas that change the world are being born somewhere every day. How many people could have imagined our today's lifestyle 50 years ago? It normally takes a long time to enlarge and polish such a small rough gemstone. They say "You should pay to save your time as much as possible", but that is true as our time is limited. We are dedicated to the time that you can save, and we help your company increase the business options.

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