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A general consulting firm based in Los Angeles, USA.
A bridge beyond the world
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A bridge that links everything together

Our thought to VEYOND

We established a company in Los Angeles, California USA that combines the two meanings of “Vertex” and “Beyond”.
We chose the name of our company with our aim for the top of the world across borders.

Message from CEO: Hideki Mamiya

CEO: Hideki Mamiya

Nice to meet you, I’m a CEO, Mamiya.
Thank you so much for your interest in VEYOND Inc. this time.
We established VEYOND Inc. to achieve our purpose of becoming a bridge between Japan and the United States.
Nowadays, due to the spread of Internet and smartphones, people’s connections and personal communication skills developed beyond the world’s barriers, and our society became full of many businesses regardless of the size.
How many people could have imagined our current life 50 years ago?
In this world where all kinds of businesses exist, ideas that change the world are being born somewhere every day.
Only a few of them will grow into the world’s top companies.
The chances of making a success of business born in Japan in America with different language and culture are much less.
“I want to expand business to the U.S….” but I don’t know how to make it succeed.
VEYOND Inc. can be the bridge that crosses the border by giving you full support.
First please feel free to contact us.

Company Overview


Company Name VEYOND Inc.
Description of Business Consulting Firm
Establishment 2019/1/22
Capital 250,000円
CEO CEO:Hideki Mamiya
Adress 90292 Marina Del Rey, CA, USA
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