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Detailed flow to contract

4 Step Process to Contract

The most important thing when it comes to consulting is the relationship of trust.
First of all, our consultant understands your company’s issues and goals and discusses thoroughly with your company before the contract, and consulting starts when both parties agree.

* This varies depending on the situation, thank you for your understanding.

Step1 Contact

For inquiries, please contact us from the inquiry form in as much detail as possible about your company’s current situation, your concerns about launching businesses in the United States, and your purpose, etc.

Contact US

Step2 Conduct an interview

The staff in charge will conduct an interview with you by phone.
Please tell us about your current situation and the reasons for launching businesses in the US in a freewheeling discussion.
Through our chat, our consultant will find clues for your solution while searching for your company’s issues and hints.

Step3 Meeting

We will visit you and conduct an interview.
We will create a consulting proposal and explain it to you.

Step4 Contract

Finally, when our proposal matches your desired consulting content, consulting will begin upon mutual agreement.
We will start providing support after exchanging arrangements such as support period, payment terms, contract, and confidentiality agreement, etc.